My “Back to Lagos”/ first BRT experience

Good morning, afternoon, evening, where ever you might be reading from. I’m sure y’all are all fine. I will be sharing with you people my experience on my first day on the street of Lagos all by myself and my first encounter in a BRT .  For those that don’t know what BRT is, it’s a bus company meant for public transit across Lagos,Nigeria (my Lagos people i hope i right? :/ ). Anyways, back to my story.

So there was this one time i traveled back to Lagos on my own for the first time. I was so excited that i finally got to be on a journey on my own without an adult holding my hand and leading me to where ever we needed to go. (don’t laugh me, i’m sure y’all felt that way too at some point). Anyway, so this interstate bus i was in dropped me half way to the final bus stop where i could easily get a BRT bus; in the middle of a busy Lagos road + a super hot sun. I cursed the driver and his conductor for collecting my money and not taking me to my final destination. However,nobody told me to put my legs into action.

As if that was not enough, being a newbie to Lagos ” new revolution” because i obviously don’t live in Lagos as you can tell, well i used to but i relocated.  I almost got arrested/rubbed my some hungry looking men in brown uniforms, (the Lastma people or whatever they are called). Telling me i wasn’t supposed to be walking on a particular side of the road for reasons unknown to me. Those stupid people even after realizing i was a newbie still want to charge me. well, if not for the intervention of one good Samaritan, i would have been rendered almost penniless by those men. The scenario was kind of embarrassing for me as i was been pulled back and forth between one of my enemies and my savior in between words exchange and all. Those people(Lastma) finally let me go, then I thanked my good Samaritan and went my own way.

Eventually i got to the BRT bus stop, but then what i saw was nothing to write home about. I saw people i mean adults squeeze themselves together just to buy bus ticket. i was like sweet Jesus are this people out of their senses?  i mean it got so bad that some people started fighting, i had to move away before they knock me down. And then from nowhere my good Samaritan showed up again, so as per “omo ti won ko, to gbeko” (a well trained child) 😀 i had to thank the man again for helping me few minutes earlier not knowing things were going to take a different turn. Some how after the fights and a long wait, i got in the bus secured me a seat close to the window.

While waiting for the bus to get filled, i put my headphones on and started listening to music and looking out the window. 10 minutes later the bus stared moving. The music was so loud that i didn’t even know that the person sitting next to me was saying hi until he tapped me. I turned to see who it is that tapped me, alas! it was good Samaritan again. Well i said hi in return, and kept quiet minding my own business. after a while good samaritan decided to break the silence between us though the bus was very load. i’ll skip other encounters i had with other people, this is just going to be between good samaritan and I.

Ok guys imma gist you about what happened between Good samaritan and i next time.

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