My “Back to Lagos”/ First BRT experience 2

This is the continuation of my last post. So do enjoy…

Good Samaritan decided to break the silence by asking me too many awkward questions i couldn’t answer all at once. Well I answered the basic ones i felt he needed to know (some of which were lies :D). Don’t blame me, I mean nobody tells their life history to a total stranger. After the questionnaire session i kept quiet again, this time i was scrolling through my phone and responding to text messages from my aunt with my earphones in one ear.

After many scrolls through my phone i got bored and looked up to lock eyes with Samaritan starring at me. Lol! that was awkward though. I looked away and pretended that that didn’t just happen. The next thing I knew He was asking for my phone number.Jesus! at that point I didn’t know what to say because clearly i couldn’t deny owning a phone because he already saw me with one and reason being that am not the type that dash out my contacts to any tom dick and harry like that. besides the guy wasn’t that good looking lol! Anyways i refused to give him my contacts sha.

I felt really awkward cuz i was getting dirty looks from the old people sitting around me in the bus. plus at that point i felt like denying ownership to the phone in my hands lol thinking he would leave me alone. How wrong i was. The man was determined to get number. He wrote out his number on a piece of paper and gave it to me. I mean i have never seen a man so determined as him. like seriously who goes past their bus stop just cuz of a lady. At that point when the bus got to his stop and loaded other people into the bus and uncle did not get off the buss, so many thoughts started running through my mind. like is this guy trying to follow me to my destination or something?

At some point the awkwardness got to another level. let me explain how. There was this lady standing next to Good samaritan not too long after the bus started moving away from good Samaritan’s bus stop the lady started dozing off and was like that for about 10-12 minutes, still in her sleep she was tilting to the side where good samaritan was sitting and he was trying to avoid her falling on him, there by squashing me to the walls of the bus.i was in that position until the lady woke up cuz the bus came to a stop.  i was so glad to be free again. Not long after that, good Samaritan said he would like to know more about my relationship life and bla! bla bla!!!. At this point I was like, okay i can’t take this no more.

Fortunately for me, we were approaching my bus-stop. I was so existed that finally i’d be free from the stranger that was bugging me. The funny thing was that the guy actually alighted the bus when i did, just as i had thought, i guess he intended following me. That bothered me a lot and it triggered me to yell at the guy to leave me alone and i walked away as fast as my tired self could carry me to where i would get another bus that would take me to my final destination. Luckily for me i found i bus that needed only one more passenger i hopped in as fast as i could. and that marked the End of my encounter with the so called “good Samaritan”.  Oh! as for his phone number, i threw it away as soon as i got to my destination.

The End!!

Thanks for reading and hope i didn’t bore you too much with my story. Catch ya later lovelies :*

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