Being Someone YOU Can Tolerate!

Hello fellas! what’s up with y’all. shey e ndoing good (in seyilaw’s voice). Okay so mid- term exams’ fast approaching so i thought i’d stop by sha. ema miss mi ju oo (don’t miss me too much) Lol!. okay let me stop biting about the bush. Anyways the reason why i’m here is to share with y’all what’s on my mind that i never find enough words to describe with. i’m glad i finally found someone that sees things from my view and has helped to put it in writing. Enjoy…

Teenbassador 4 Christ

Please take the time to read this till the end, I’m not going to preach and I’ll try as much as possible not to get boring.

Thank you Fafa for the opportunity to write for your blog, which by the way is not ONLY for teenagers. I was starting to feel old when I saw the name of the blog. Lol! But then I found solace in remembering that Fafa is not a teen (you didn’t hear it from me), so I got comfortable. Abeg Fafa, allow us *clears throat* the older generation feel among…

Ok, I’m done. Unto business.
I’m a girl, so I’m going to do most of this article from MY perspective. No vex.


I went to a boarding school and then for the short time I was in the tertiary institution before I came here, I was staying in the hostel too. So, I always thought…

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Get to Know me!!!

Hey y’all.

I read some blog tags going around, so i decided to i’d answer those questions too so you guys can get to know me a little better. So her goes the question and answer session.

Are Aviary Photo_130672968385590823you named after someone? well I wouldn’t really say I’m named after someone. But one of my names was given to me in memory of my grand aunt (my grandma’s older sister) who died the day after I was born. so i guess that counts right?

If you were another person, would you be friends with yourself? Of course YES!. I will be friends with me. I’m that nice of a person.

Do you have any guilty pleasures? I’m movie lover.  i’m a pink lemonade-holic (excuse my grammar usage, it was intentional). I can get intoxicated on that drink if possible.

Do you like handwriting? I love handwriting because i get to experiment my different hand writings. they differ based on my mood at the time.

What’s your favorite cereal? I didn’t eat cereal a lot growing up. But i still love me some frosted flakes.

First thing you notice about people? Approach. cocky approach. huge turn off.

What is the color of your eyes? Dark brown

Scary movies or happy endings? Happy ending please.

Favorite TV show? I cant really say. but right now. its Empire. if you’re not watching it. you’re sleeping on a bicycle. lol!

Winter or Summer? Summer. whoever likes winter is some type of being I can’t describe.

Hugs or kisses? Hugs!

Special talent? hmm!! let me see…does hair braiding count? (I didn’t learn it).

Where were you born? Oyo State, Nigeria.

Hobbies? reading, singing, writing,doing dishes(I sing while doing this too. lol!)

Do you have any pets? None currently. But I used to have a goat growing up. 😀

Favorite movie? The best of me! you reallyyy! need to watch it. And have your handkerchief next to you if you’re like me. You know what I mean. 🙂

What color is your car? I don’t have one at the moment. coming soon though. 🙂 i’d like a purple one.

What do you want to be when you grow up? A child advocate.

Hope this has helped you know me a little. Do checkout my other posts. if you want me to answer any question feel free to ask here:

Thanks for stopping by.