The Need to Justify My Actions…

Hello! y’all, how’s it going. Somehow i feel the need to start making some explanations for why i’ve been away for so long. But sorry i’m doing non of that and you’ll know why soon enough. I hope y’all have been enjoying your summer break. Well mine is a story for another day, but in the mean time here’s a little something i believe will be of benefit to someone. Enjoy…

While growing up, I was taught to believe that there’s always a reason behind every action. All my life I have always had to have a particular reason before doing anything. I’m not sure if any other person feels this way or maybe it’s just me. I remember my dad always says to me in Yoruba whenever I got in trouble with my mum: “ai le soro ni ibere oriburuku” (not being able to talk is the beginning of stupidity). lol! Not sure I translated it correctly though. Well I guess what it means is that you should be able to talk regardless of the situation). Understandably, my dad was trying to make sure I don’t lack confidence. Anyways I was one to keep quiet and not say anything because I feel i wasn’t allowed to or because of the Yoruba “rule” that says a child must not talk when the parent is talking. All of these took their toll on me, so I developed the habit to always have something to say whenever I’m being questioned for my actions regardless of whom it is. This continued for a while until this particular day; I overheard someone say “you don’t owe anybody an explanation for your actions”. Since then I have always told myself to not always have to say something whenever people question my actions in anyway.  The other day I was reading a blog and this caught my attention: “Bothering too much about providing everyone with strong explanations for your actions and tendencies is counterproductive. Of course you owe some people in your life acceptable explanations sometimes, however, be careful not to be sucked into a life of proving yourself with so many words just so everyone is satisfied with you. It’s never going to happen anyway.” After reading this, I jejely caught my sub lol. Anyway, I think I’m done rambling. Well I hope this helps anyone who finds themselves in this situation.

Thanks for stopping by. Auvoir!

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  1. kutukamus
    Dec 14, 2015 @ 21:43:47

    Well, looks like ramblings have their own merits, I guess 🙂



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