Leftover(s) is/are known to be something, especially food, remaining after the rest has been used or consumed.  Well, leftover(s) doesn’t necessarily have to be food or anything consumable. Leftover(s) could appear to be bad habits. And i’m gonna share a few of them with y’all. Enjoy…

Shoes/Clothing: There are some person(s) who have shoes and/or clothing they wear a few times and then they dump it in their closets never to put them on again, and still they refuse to dispose or give to those who might need it. They just love the sight of that shoe or cloth chilling somewhere in their closet, as if it’s meant for decoration.

Interests/Talents:  A lot of people have interest in doing certain things, they try working towards pursuing their interest to make it a reality. But at some point for whatever reason(s), they just stop pursuing that interest. They move on with their normal lives and never attempt to build on it any longer. Here is a story of someone who once had interest in playing cello: I’d wanted to learn how to play for years, and finally took the plunge in my mid-twenties. I took lessons and practiced consistently for two years. No one walking past my window would have mistaken me for the ghost of Jacqueline du Pré, but it was fun. I was producing sounds which, to me at least, sounded beautiful, and I was also enjoying that peculiar, self-satisfied sense of pleasure one derives from being disciplined about something.

Then I moved abroad for a year. Logistically, taking the cello with me made no sense; it stayed behind. I never played it again. For years now I can’t even bring myself to open the case.

Yet I haven’t sold it off on Craigslist or donated it to a struggling school district, either. I’ve schlepped this thing through two major moves, and each time took meticulous care not to damage it. (I can’t tell if I’ve been successful — I never open the case, remember?)

Unfinished business(es): So many people have a lot of things they’ve proposed to do, it could be career related, or just some other things that needs to be done. They set a goal for themselves to finish that proposed business, but they never get to complete it due to some reasons: could be excuses, laziness, or for whatever reasons. This attitude could lead some people dueling on past glories, or incomplete achievements.

Alright, enough of my blabbing. Thanks For taking your time to read this. Your thoughts would be highly appreciated. 🙂